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SPOILAGE is a four-piece rock band, playing covers of over half a century's worth of music, from the Beatles and the Rolling Stones to the Manic Street Preachers and the Foo Fighters ... and pretty much everything in-between too.  The band's philosophy is very much based on feel and interpretation, so a very wide range of material and styles appears on a typical SPOLAGE set-list, where songs are performed - whether rock, reggae, blues etc. - because the band both likes them and can do the originals justice, but also because the songs can be given a stamp of individuality too.  The band therefore plays without prejudice and audiences are often surprised to hear some golden oldie forgotten gem from the dim and distant past suddenly being played live in the present.  That is the beauty of contemporary music at its best ..... the ability to survive  decades of neglect to then be enjoyed anew by a younger generation of listeners.


The band's typical stomping ground is Kent and East Sussex, although SPOILAGE have also built up a following in mainland Europe through performing in France, Italy and, above all, at German outdoor festivals in the summer, where the band never ceases to be amazed by the locals' almost encyclopaedic knowledge of British rock songs, lyrics and traditions.


Come and see the band perform at a venue near you and make up your own mind, or drop us a line via the contact page on this website if you either interested in booking the band, or if you would simply like more information about who we are, where we are performing, or what we are playing these days.

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